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Please note: Jivenation is ONLY running one Sunday event each month - no other events, venues, classes or evenings are running at this time

Modern Jive: Learn to Dance in a Day. This super popular and successful beginners course is now in its 8th year.

Come and try it for yourself - and after your first time, its always free to repeat! Beginners Intensive, LONDON:

These beginners 1 day courses are also ideal for those of you preparing for your wedding dance or first dance - get it under control in just 1 easy session, and give you both a lot of confidence!

Learn to dance in a day! Jive Nation Beginners Intensive Courses. Perfect way to learn dancing London or your Wedding First Dance.

CONTACT US on 07534 269950 (London)

Single Tickets for "Learn to Dance in a Day" start at 49 per person. This is the ultimate fast track intensive workshop, with the best feedback!

Learn to dance in a day! Don't miss the monthly workshop.

Learn to dance in London: These are the ULTIMATE fast track beginners days!

NEW! SEE FAQ's below - all the questions you ask!

Learn to dance in a day! Don't miss the saturday workshop.

These are the ULTIMATE fast track beginners days!

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Jive Nation: Frequently Asked Questions

We run classes + social once a month - we run this extremely popular beginners fast track session for Modern Jive, using the intensive Jive Nation methods for fast-tracking beginners up to a confident level in one day. I get asked a lot of questions and have tried to summarise some of them here:

Can I come alone? Is everyone coming as a couple?

A lot of people come along solo we try to keep the numbers of men and women roughly balanced, so please let us know if you have invited a friend! You will meet everyone very quickly the group size on the Beginners Workshop (one a month)is usually about 5 men and 5 women, and we change dance partners every 5 minutes or so. For the evening classes, the numbers can range from 30 up to 80 on any given night.

Will this Suit a Wedding / First Dance? What is Modern Jive?

I danced it at my own wedding in 2014. And I've taught hundreds of wedding dance couples over the last 8 years. You will be learning Modern Jive using the Jive Nation method we focus on modern music and sophisticated but simple partner dance moves it's almost always to 4/4 time pop music. This is NOT ballroom jive, or old style rock'n'roll its a simple, smooth modern version of all the best parts, simple and fun to learn.

THE Jive Nation METHOD is about total immersion and MASSIVE amounts of quality repetition during the 4 hour beginners intensive course, preferably FOLLOWED BY a 6 week UNLIMITED evening pass to cement your skills, build your confidence AND meet loads of wonderful people.

Can you help us with Wedding Music Choices?

Definitely I can help you. The easiest beat / speed to dance to is about 120 Beats Per Minute, but I can help you find a suitable range, or to work with your own favourite songs.

What should I wear?

TO the day sessions, usually something such as: Jeans / shorts / casual dress / t shirt / anything goes its a practice workshop and fun / physical. For the evening classes, people often come straight from work, or throw on a pair of jeans and a favourite shirt.

What shoes do I need?

Personally I try to go for smooth soled trainers or leather soled work shoes I like to keep it simple. After a few months, if you are TOTALLY loving it (you will!) then maybe look at investing in a nice pair of dance shoes from one of the London dedicated stores, or the online dance shoe sellers ask me if you want some recommendations.

Can I really repeat the beginners course for FREE?!??

YES! Its free to repeat and all you have to do is email the jivenation @ gmail.com to let me know how many men / women are repeating, so I can try to balance numbers just write!

Do we change partners in the course?

Yes, we change partners every 4 or 5 minutes this is the fastest way to get everyone up to speed, PLUS you get to meet so many more fabulous people.

How often is the beginners intensive session held?

Currently we run it about 6 to 8 times each year check the www.jivenation.co.uk website for dates and updates

What if I've never done ANY kind of dancing before?

Jump in my friends, feet first, and i will teach you, and you will fly through with confidence. Get along!

What if I am late on the day?

Don't fret I can help you catch up if you miss the first half hour or so plus its free to repeat.

Can I invite a friend?

Please do! They can pay on the day but its preferable to just email me so I know how many people to expect!

What will I learn?

The rhythm and basic footwork for a 4/4 modern jive, to upbeat modern pop music plus about 10 to 15 moves and links to put together and MASTER several fun and fabulous dance routines with all the partners in the room. It's a HUGE confidence builder just go for it!

I've danced a bit - Is it the same as Salsa or Ballroom or Ceroc?

Similar elements about leading and following but the timing of Jive Nation modern Jive London is different to all of these we use a 4/4 box step repeating pattern - its as simple as you can make it we don't use ballroom jive triple steps, and we don't use the salsa footwork count, and we don't use the UK Ceroc single backstep ours is simpler than all of that. You will love it. If you cant make it along, or you want more weeknights practice, we also recommend Ceroc London. Ceroc London have venues at Fulham, ISH International Student House, Clapham Wessex House, and freestyle at Hammersmith. There are also several London Salsa organisations we like to support and visit when we have a night off. We love the Latin Collective, as well as Salsateca and especially Bar Salsa. Lamabada or Forro (foro) is also fun, although quite different from Modern Jive Leroc Ceroc etc, plus Londonsalsa, Streetbeat and Mambocity, JiveLondon, Jive London, Underground Blues, Swing Patrol, salsamachine machine, salsagold, wow there are just so many good ones, also Bachata and reggaeton, and sometimes a bit of Zumba, although its not partner dancing as such. Salsa Fusion and Salsa Explosion run some fun events. If you love premiere latin and ballroom, we would generally say to try Karen Hardy Studios or Mr Wonderful Ballroom

What sort of music will we be dancing to?

I like to keep it very modern top 40 chart and pop. For the technically minded, beginners will be dancing at 115 beats per minute. Intermediates dancing at 128 BPM, and advanced dancers ranging from 105BPM up to 155BPM but generally centred around 128 BPM

Learn to dance in a day, learn to dance in 1 day. Learn to Dance in a Day! Leroc London. Jive London. jivelondon.com Ceroc london. jivelondon.co.uk

Learn to dance in London!Learn Jive London


First Dance London

Hello and welcome to Jive Nation First Dance London Specialists - the wedding dance EXPERTS - over the last 8 years we have taught thousands of people to dance in just one day, and MANY happy couple learn their first dance at our one day intensive course.
We like to specialise in fast, clear, fun, efficient and super stylish first wedding dance choreography and training.
Guess what? We have GREAT news if you are panicking about your first dance at your wedding. If you're just overwhelmed with work and life and with all of the arrangements, so much so, that you have not yet had a chance to think how you are going to factor in learning to dance in front of all of your friends and your family... we can HELP!
Jive Nation First Dance will prepare and teach you your first wedding dance in just a day - We Guarantee that your first dance at the wedding, in front of your friends and family, will be EASY to learn, extremely FAST to perfect, VERY SIMPLE to remember, and will be a TOTAL SUCCESS - guaranteed to thoroughly impress your audience on your wedding day.
You can relax, knowing that you will look fantastic, moving gracefully and confidently as the happy couple, and feel really quite amazing as you impress (and surprise!) your friends and family with your original, sexy, gorgeous and romantic first wedding dance.
Please consider our invitation to both you and your partner to learn to dance your first dance in just one day with jive nation London, and let us add some style, and take away some stress from your wedding plans.
Best of all, if you really want to learn your first wedding dance (first dance) at an event like this one day intensive beginners event, you can save a lot of time and money, and you will not only learn to dance in just one day, but you will also be able to do it the song that you really love, and on the day we do plenty of practice and concise repetition in 4 hours, it's all locked into your muscle memory.
Then you will also get a clearly written guide and description of the dance moves and the music timings, PLUS a video clip of the first dance rehearsal, so you can watch it and review it in your own time, to help you remember in an instant!
You don't always need to sign up to an expensive 5 or 6 week course to learn your first wedding dance! Just work intensively through it in one fun session with expert teachers and choreographers, get your written notes and video clip, and learn to dance your first wedding dance (first dance) in just one day.
For those who may have tried other forms of dancing such as salsa or ceroc, Blitz, lambada, zumba, rumba, cha cha, waltz, Lindy Hop, Balboa, thriller style, hip hop, jazz and modern, leroc, or swing dancing, as well as ballroom and latin dancing, this is also a very suitable first dance course. Recently we are excited to announce that we are working closely with Big City Blues and Blues Shift aka BLUESSHIFT, and Howard and Nicola from Jive London, and Underground Blues, promoting their events where we can.
Jive Nation staff just LOVE to specialise in teaching this fun and fabulous form of sophisticated, easy to learn form of partner dancing Modern Jive and wedding first dances - try it and you really can learn to dance in just one day! It's guaranteed, so get in there and give it a go.
Courses are usually held on a Saturday, but they are flexible, and we can come to you if threes no way for you to make it to the course. Let me recommend that you take a deep breath and relax, so you can then allow us take away ALL of the stress surrounding your first wedding dance preparation.
Plus we can help you narrow down the choices on your favourite songs or even help you with song choice through our suggested playlists of thousands of tracks. Then put it all together with precise and simple, stylish choreography and clear teaching of the steps, with polishing and styling to look sharp and amazing.
So when you add that mix of benefits to enough drill, repetition and practice with just enough intensity to make sure you remember it, then my friends, sooner than you realise, you will have learned your gorgeous first wedding dance in London (first dance) in just one single day with JiveNation beginners intensive - learn to dance in a day in Jive London.
How did this course become so popular and streamlined to be able to achieve such thrilling and effective results in just one day? Well, it's been run literally hundreds of times over the last 7 years, and with careful improvements and feedback from happy and helpful wedding dance clients, and this extremely effective beginners intensive one day dance course is guaranteed to have you and your partner dancing in effortlessly stylish, confident and eye-catchingly fine form for your first wedding dance on the big day.
Music is easy too - so if you already know what you want, or if you have some favourite songs that are special to you as the wedding couple, you will certainly be able to dance to the song that you choose - then if you find that you have several songs that you love, and you just can't decide, we can even arrange to perfectly MIX several of your favourite songs together for your first dance. If you want some broad ranging ideas, but don't know exactly what to select, we can help you with musical inspiration, taking you through literally hundreds of excellent song suggestions for you to listen and browse through at our studios or by audio links we can send you online. Once you have selected the music for your first dance as bride and groom for your wedding, ready to show off in front of friends and family and the world, we will work together to craft, rehearse, perfect and master (while committing it to muscle memory) your very first wedding dance that you can perform with confidence and panache.
Our clear, friendly teacher knows how to push you to maximise the efficiency of learning in an intense 3 hour session, so you learn your first dance for your wedding in much less time than anywhere else, and it's also much cheaper than virtually any first dance course anywhere - by a long way! The course is generally 4 hours on a Saturday but we can also make different sessions if Saturdays are impossible for you to join us.

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